HVE Level 3 Certification

Stephen and Jeany are deeply committed to the environment and finding a way to produce leading wines whilst also farming in a way that respects and preserves the surrounding ecosystem.

We’re at the very beginning of this Regenerative Agriculture journey here at Domaine Mirabeau, having only stopped conventional farming when Stephen and Jeany bought the domaine back in September 2019, and we’re now on our four-year conversion to Organic.

We’ve got so much to learn, and a very long journey ahead of us, but we are lucky to be connecting with Regenerative Agriculture and permaculture experts from around the world to support us on this journey; including from the UK, USA, Australia and France.

As part of this journey we are proud to have achieved HVE level 3 certification in 2022 for Domaine Mirabeau, and our single estate rosé La Réserve.

The High Environmental Value (HVE) is the highest level of a generalized scheme for the environmental certification of farms. It is a voluntary approach which aims to identify and promote particularly environmentally friendly practices applied by farmers and winegrowers.

The Certification covers 4 areas and is a rigorous assessment with very strict specifications, created and controlled by the French State. The certification is carried out around 4 themes:

  1. Preservation of Biodiversity
  2. Pest control strategy
  3. Management of fertilization
  4. Management of water resources

Farm certification offers a guarantee that the pressure applied to the environment by farming practices (on air, water, soil, climate, biodiversity and landscape) is kept to a minimum. Since 2002, the number of certified farms across the whole of France is increasing steadily and we are delighted to call Domaine Mirabeau one of the 800 certified farms in France.

Opening the Visitor season at Domaine Mirabeau

We have welcomed our very first guests of the year at Domaine Mirabeau in February. Despite the chilly temperatures we ventured outdoors to soak the warming rays of mid day sun. Team Mirabeau prepared a beautiful Provençal grazing platter and we had a wonderful time with our guests from La Cave de Vidauban. To many more of these beautiful moments!

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