Domaine Mirabeau La Réserve Rosé

La Réserve, Maison Mirabeau’s organic and regenerative Cuvée from Domaine Mirabeau is a statement of the hopes and dreams of its founders, Stephen and Jeany Cronk.

Complex, golden-hued, and gastronomic, this limited production single estate rosé displays its own fascinating personality and 30% of the profits of this year’s vintage will support the Regenerative Viticulture Foundation.


Guillaume Cordonis, Maison Mirabeau’s accomplished winemaker, extended his barrel selection and increased the percentage of the Rolle varietal to give the wine even more depth and dimension. Building on the profile of the first vintage, he’s looking for notes of spice, roasted fruit, butter, brioche, as well as fresh fruit and floral notes. As for the part in barrels, micro-oxygenation “trains” the rosé to age in a different, more mellow way.

Origin: Côtes de Provence
Varieties: 46% Grenache, 28% Rolle, 26% Cinsault
Site: Domaine Mirabeau falls within the area that has a designated soil type within the Côtes de Provence Appellation, called “Crystalline”. The soil composition is predominantly micro-schist and sand with some clay, sitting on bedrock of permian (red)
sandstone. Surrounded by the Nature Reserve of the Plaines des Maures, it boasts one of the most fascinating landscapes and biodiversity levels of the region. The secluded 20-hectare estate includes 14 hectares of vines and is surrounded by umbrella pines, cork oak trees and chestnut groves.
Soil: Permian Sandstone, Micro-Schist, Clay
Vinification: Night harvested and gently pressed in a non-oxidative environment, followed by temperature controlled fermentation. Shortly after fermentation has started a part of the wine is barrelled down, with regular bâtonnage for the next 6 months, before being blended with elements resting in stainless steel.
Barrel selection for 46.5hl: Berthomieu 1 *400 L, 1* 500 L (Chauffe Blonde)
St Martin 1*400 L, 1*500L (Chauffe légère longue)
Stockinger 3*500L ( LDL, LDL+, ML)
6 white wine barriques 6 *225 (for micro-oxygenation)
Analysis: Alcohol 13,5% | pH 3.34 | RS <1g/L
Food pairings: La Réserve would pair magnificently with vegetarian dishes, sustainably caught seafood, light meats and creamy cheeses. In spite of being a concentrated Rosé it would cut neatly through spice and richer food.
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