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The Team

We are very fortunate to have found so many amazing people within our adopted surroundings and we've also attracted some great talent to represent the Mirabeau brand in the big wide world. We all share a determination to do things the Mirabeau way, think differently, be proactive and treat everyone with respect. What’s even better is that we all like each other’s company, enjoy sharing a good joke and thrive on our positive energy.

Stephen Cronk


Stephen Cronk

Role at Mirabeau: Co-Founder and el presidente. Have had a passion for wine since I spent my gap-year in Australia so long ago that “Down Under” by Men at Work was still in the charts. Managed to persuade Mrs. C to give up her London house in 2009 to take up residence in Provence on a high-risk venture building a wine business from scratch. We’ve never looked back!

Favourite nosh: Beef Wellington

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: Stephen Fry, Alain de Botton and Billy Connolly.

Little known fact: I used to sell kitty-litter when I was a student

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Jeany Cronk


Jeany Cronk

Role at Mirabeau: As co-founder I have been there since the very beginning and am in charge of marketing, creativity and key relationships with suppliers. I moonlight as decorator for all Mirabeau locations, creator of happy office juju and try to be a good mum to our three Cronklets. I am delighted to wake up in Provence every day and to be able to bring some of that sunny vibe to peoples’ lives! This Mirabeau adventure has been full on, but I couldn’t have asked for a better way to grow as a person and challenge myself all the time

Favourite nosh: A spicy salmon Ramen

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: Superwoman who never sets a foot wrong, Michelle Obama

Little known fact: I had to leave the country to pass my driving test

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Patrick Gallagher


Patrick Gallagher

Role at Mirabeau: Have been advising Mirabeau since 2014 and am now Chairman (and LOVE working with the supremely talented Mirabeau team). I have had a successful career in technology and have been Chairman/CEO of a number of International companies (and still am today :)

Favourite nosh: Fresh (fatta in casa) spaghetti with a thick Italian ragu and lots of grated Parmesan cheese

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: Nelson Mandela (or failing that Audrey Hepburn :)

Little known fact: I am a cheeseaholic (and with wine it is the BEST!)

Pablo Laborde

Consultant Oenologue

Pablo Laborde

Role at Mirabeau: As Consultant Winemaker, I advise the Mirabeau team on the technical decisions to be made

Favorite nosh (dish): Being born in Argentina, I’m forced to say the traditional « asado » (barbecue), but I must confess that spicy pork dumplings are my all-time favorite

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: Rodolfo Montenegro, among the very first certified winemakers in Argentina and the first oenologue I admired and worked with

Little known fact: my favorite part of the week is the occasional Saturday’s afternoon « nap roulette » : going to bed without setting an alarm. Is it going to be 15 minutes? 3 hours? Who knows…

Emma Wykes

Chief Commercial Officer

Emma Wykes

Role at Mirabeau: Chief Commercial Officer

Favourite nosh: Tapas

Share a glass of Mirabeau with: My family, on a warm sandy beach

Little known fact: I’m related to Edward Teach, Blackbeard the Pirate

Rob Dixon

Director of Retail

Rob Dixon

Role at Mirabeau: After 15 years buying and retail experience at the UK’s biggest retailer, Tesco, including 5 years as French, Champagne and Sparkling Buyer, I now look after Mirabeau’s retail partners in the UK and Ireland, and develop the opportunities within the channel

Favourite nosh: very simple pasta or risotto with truffle – but save room for dessert as I have a sweet tooth!

Share a glass of Mirabeau with: my really big family at one of our many gatherings

Little known fact: I love to sing and came 3rd in Tesco Has Talent competition (I was robbed!)

Janet Pouchot

Sales Director Americas

Janet Pouchot

Role at Mirabeau: Janet Pouchot has held positions in the wine business for over a decade including as a sommelier for Restaurant DANIEL, in retail with Sherry-Lehmann, East Coast Sales Manager for Negociants USA, National Brand Development Manager for Peter Lehmann Wines, Campaign Manager for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, Business Manager for the Americas for Craggy Range winery and now as Sales Director Americas for Maison Mirabeau. ‘I am very excited to be working with a terrific French winery and especially with some excellent rosé wines!’ Janet lives in Manhattan with her (French) husband, Charles and their two sons.

Favourite nosh: Vintage champagne and anything at all.

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: My husband. On a beach. At sunset. In the South of France.

Little known personal fact/secret: I know how to access the first class lounge of several airlines.

Udo Koschinski

Sales Director Northern Europe

Udo Koschinski

Role at Mirabeau: I started my career in marketing in the food industry but moved into wine and was most recently at Treasury Wine Estates (Penfolds, Wolf Blass, Lindemans) as Business Manager D-A-CH region for 14 years. I’m bringing great wine knowledge, sales experience and contacts, especially in Germany.

Favourite nosh: Original veal Schnitzel with “Bratkartoffeln” and cranberries

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: Barack Obama

Little known fact: I once served Claudia Schiffer a glass of wine

Mathieu Vanhalst

Sales Director Southern Europe

Mathieu Vanhalst

Role at Mirabeau: After 5 years working for Vinexpo as Sales Director, I joined Mirabeau in January 2020 to take up a new exciting challenge. I’m looking after the Southern Europe, Middle East, Russia and Global Travel Retail markets. I take on board with me my passion for wine, my expertise in business development and my positive energy!

Favourite nosh: To share a juicy Côte de Bœuf with friends.

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: Oscar Wilde and… Michael Jordan! (separatly though)

Little known fact: I always have my running shoes and a corkscrew in my luggage when I travel

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Alex Ignatieff

Gin Brand Director

Alex Ignatieff

aka ‘Ginius’

Role at Mirabeau: After eight months developing Mirabeau’s exciting first venture beyond wine I’ve officially joined the team to bring Mirabeau Rosé Gin to the world. A chance to rekindle contacts from Sydney, Toronto, New York and Harvey Nichols, you bring the tonic!

Favourite Nosh: The latest dish from either of my babies (if they can still be called that!)

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: Billy Connolly and Nelson Mandela

Little known fact: I once danced the Argyll Broadswords for the Queen

Richard Beaumont

Chief Marketing Officer

Richard Beaumont

Role at Mirabeau: I’ve been lucky to spend 17 years in the wines & spirits industry, firstly with Diageo GB in charge of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Ketel One and the rest of their luxury spirits portfolio. I swapped spirits for Champagne and moved to LVMH, managing Dom Pérignon in both the UK & US markets, before finishing my time as Head of Krug Champagne. After a spell in LVMH’s fashion division I returned to where my true passion lies, becoming Chief Marketing Officer of Mirabeau.

Favourite Nosh: Anything with crab – fitting for a Cancerian!

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: John Lennon in his rose tinted glasses

Little known fact: I once interviewed for Mi5, but didn’t get in…or did I..?

Natalie Phillips

Marketing & Communications Manager

Natalie Phillips

Role at Mirabeau: After 10 years working for IBM in Marketing and Communications, I left the big smoke of London to join the Mirabeau team in January 2020. I’m excited about bringing my expertise in communications and passion for wine to join the Mirabeau team as their Marketing Manager and Executive Assistant

Favourite Nosh: That is a big question but I think I would have to say my french granny’s poule au pot…with lots of cornichons! and maybe a side of cheese

Would love to share a glass with: Raymond Blanc

Little known fact(s): I’m obsessed with balloons and dream of becoming a helicopter pilot one day

Sophie Bellard

Digital Content & Activations Manager

Sophie Bellard

Role at Mirabeau: I manage and create the brand’s content and attend the Mirabeau events and collaborations as our ambassador and photographer. I love everything creative but I’m also very methodical thanks to my background in Business Law

Favourite nosh: full fat yoghurt ice cream

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: Lt. Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell (you know, the ‘I feel the need…the need for speed’ guy!)

Little know fact: I am obsessed with dinosaurs

Nina Keshmiri

Brand Manager

Nina Keshmiri

Role at Mirabeau: As Brand Manager I help to deliver best in class marketing programs for Mirabeau. This includes partnering with the creative team to develop global sales tools, programs and visibility solutions to develop the brand across markets and channels. I love using my creativity to bring brands to life to connect with customers and craft beautiful moments

Favourite nosh: I have Persian roots so any Persian dish is a winner for me! Try our distinct rice “Tahdig” and you won’t look at regular rice again!

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: With a bunch of my closest friends and family on a sun-kissed beach during golden hour

Little known fact: I’m probably the only person out there who doesn’t enjoy pancake day

Tessa Henderson

Finance Director

Tessa Henderson

Role at Mirabeau: Finance Director since January 2015. After a few years of mothering in Provence, Stephen soon picked up on my Deloitte training and lured me back to work with a glass of wine

Favourite nosh: Soft shell Crab and Green mango salad

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: The Girls, they know who they are, and it would inevitably be more than one glass

Little known fact: I have shaken hands with two US Presidents

Thierry Laurence

Operations Director

Thierry Laurence

aka Terry

Role at Mirabeau: Operations Director since July 2018. Joining from AFPA as the Regional Director (South France) for 10 years, and before that Senior Manager at AGF Finance, Sales Director at GROUPAMA Finance and at Alpes Sports Conseils. The key elements of my role at Mirabeau: Quality Control, Cost Management, Sourcing, Operations (ie: NPD), HR

Favourite nosh: Tarte tatin

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: Lindsay Vonn because I am a huge fan of her skiing style

Little known fact: Rosé actually makes me a better dancer

Virginie Le Floch

Production Director

Virginie Le Floch

aka Ninie

Role at Mirabeau: I moved from Paris and my position of database manager in 2005, in order to find the sun in the South… but I’ve mostly found the WINE! I’m the export manager since 2011, and very proud to follow the “Mirabeau adventure” from day one

Favourite nosh: Lobster (on the beach) …. and also cheese … and chocolate (but separately)

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: Nelson Mandela … and Morten Harket (also separately)

Little known fact: I eat my daughters’ «sucrerie » when they are sleeping

Sandy Martinot-Millet

Order Fulfilment Manager

Sandy Martinot-Millet

aka Pikachu

Role at Mirabeau: Export assistant / accounting assistant

After 10 years working as a commercial assistant for renowned wineries in Provence, I joined the Mirabeau Team in October 2018 to help Virginie with the Export and Tessa with Accounting

I try to pamper our customers in the many countries around the world! And now that I am here, Virginie is able to go on holiday

Favourite nosh: Beef carpaccio and french fries

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: Tessa Worley because I love skiing! (my daughter’s name is Tessa)

Little known fact: I prefer red wine but shhhhhh ;-)

Tony Teysseyre

Accounting Assistant

Tony Teysseyre

Role at Mirabeau: Helping the accounting team ensure everything is in balance

Favourite nosh: (favourite meal): queue de langouste à l’armoricaine (lobster tail)

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: Zinedine Zidane, the football magician

Little known fact: I don’t miss any football games

Corinne Johnson

Financial Controller

Corinne Johnson

Role at Mirabeau: With 12 years of experience as a Financial Controller in multi-national companies, I am very happy to be a part of the team that helps to ensure the figures continue to match the dreams that Mirabeau has achieved. Plus, we lived many years in Brest, so it is nice to see the sun again

Favourite nosh: Hot fudge sundae at Ghiradelli in San Francisco and pink rosé on ice

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: my wedding guests!! (oops that should have happened years ago)

Little known fact: I cannot lie… I am a chocaholic!

Laure Mathieu

Quality Manager

Laure Mathieu

Role at Mirabeau : I joined Mirabeau’s team as a Quality Manager. I’m in charge of guaranteeing the quality at each stage of production to the point of sale of Mirabeau’s products. I will also work on several other parts of the business including creating a sustainability charter

Favourite Nosh: LA RACLETTE (totally french meal with lots of cheese)

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: All the actors of movie “Les petits mouchoirs”

Little known fact: I practice gym everyday because I love to eat so much!!!

Honor Willis

Project Manager

Honor Willis

Role at Mirabeau: Managing the UK web shop, customer service and helping in the boutique when needed

Favourite nosh: A cosy-night-in Butternut squash risotto, then pudding of course!

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: Miranda Hart (UK comedian), Rose is best shared with a laugh!

Little known fact: I trained as a Ballet dancer. I wanted to be the next Darcy Bussell

Emilie Bruscha

Sales Export Assistant

Emilie Bruscha

Role at Mirabeau: I joined Maison Mirabeau to help with the export department, which is also an area I have worked in for some years. We are from the Paris region and came to the Var to find the sun, I also wanted to turn a page and work with new people. What attracted me to work for Maison Mirabeau was the vibrancy and the human aspect. I hope I can bring my stone to the building, as the French say, and like Jeany told me during our first meeting be a part of the Mirabeau family.

Favourite nosh: French cheese all day long

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: Chris Hemsworth

Little known personal fact/secret: I don’t have secrets, I am an open book!!!

Manuela Edmeades

Corporate Social Responsibility Manager & EA to Founders

Manuela Edmeades

Role at Mirabeau: After many years as working in the Middle East I quit my job as a pricing analyst in an IT company, scooped up my family and moved to the South of France. I wanted to change professional direction and graduated in wine tourism and sustainability in 2021. I have joined the Mirabeau family to support their ambitions of being a better company for the world and to help the founders focus on the most important tasks. And I love Rose! ;)

Favourite nosh: I have many favorite dishes, as I love food. Seafood and cheese are high up there

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: family and friends under a warm sun

Little known fact: I named my daughter after my favorite kids animation character when I was little!

Anthony Arndt

Boutique Manager

Anthony Arndt

Role at Mirabeau: Boutique Manager

Favourite nosh: Salmon Gravlax with a glass of La Réserve Rosé

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: as a basketball fan with Michael Jordan

Little known fact: chocolate addict!!!

Gaëlle Genova

Assistant Boutique Manager

Gaëlle Genova

Role at Mirabeau: After several years as director of a prêt-à-porter store, I wanted to find more human values. Mirabeau combines a family business, eco-responsible commitments and good wine, exactly what I was looking for! As a wedding fan, I can’t wait to accompany all future brides and grooms in the choice of wine for the most beautiful day of their life …

Favourite nosh: Sunday morning brunch with friends

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: Stephen King, J.R.R Tolkien and Robin Hobb, and listen to them tell me amazing stories for hours

Little known personal fact/secret: I have a canine and feline behaviorist diploma!

Pascal Hesse

Domaine Manager

Pascal Hesse

Role at Mirabeau: I moved from Paris 14 years ago and started my life in Provence as an entrepreneur. Now I’m in charge of the Domaine, to ensure this beautiful place is a haven of peace, where all visitors and friends can connect with the Mirabeau world.

Favourite nosh: Mum’s couscous

Would love to share a glass of wine with : Jacques Mayol and Brian Johnson

Little known fact: When I was 6, I was rejected in a casting to star alongside Jodie Foster, because I left a tooth in my sausage sandwich. Maybe I missed a career!?!

Clément Prelat

Viticulture Consultant

Clément Prelat

Role at Mirabeau : Defining the technical production route in the vineyard and ensuring it is properly set up by the vigneron

Favorite Nosh : Œuf en Meurette (eggs poached with white wine and a morel sauce)

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: my childhood friend Poupou (the biggest rosé fan in the world!)

Little known fact : I prefer new world Pinot Noir to Burgundy Pinot Noir (I know, it’s a shame for a French winemaker!)

Patrick Deveaux

Viticulture Consultant

Patrick Deveaux

Role At Mirabeau: supervising all operations in the vineyard

Favourite Nosh: everything I can eat!

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: with my friends during apéros

Little known fact: Nothing, everything is on Facebook nowadays!


Head of Security


Role at Mirabeau: I’ve been in this role since 2012 when my owners ‘rescued’ me, although frankly sometimes it feels like the other way round. I’m responsible for general security around here, sniffing peoples ankles, occasionally growling at local cats, generally keeping things in order. It’s quite a big job and sometimes I think I’m overlooked. But then again, I’m a Jack Russell; small but effective

Favourite nosh: Cheese rinds

Would love to share a glass of Mirabeau with: The hunting dogs next door. They’re always caged-up and I feel a bit sorry for them. Not sure if they’d like Mirabeau much. I’ve never tried it. Probably disgusting

Little known fact: In my previous life I was a Doberman