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Our Philosophy

Beautiful Provence is the world leader in producing dry, gastronomic rosé wines. Although the region boasts 300 days of sunshine a year, there can be vintage variations across this large and geographically diverse area.

Over the past eleven years, our close relationships with growers have allowed us to have access to over 2,000 hectares (5,000 acres) of prime Provence vineyards. And of course, this means we are able to source fantastic wines from different locations throughout the region.

Our lead winemaker Pablo Laborde was won over by the wine world at an early age having spent time his summer jobs growing up working in wine tourism, leading tastings and visiting winemakers and vineyard in his homeland of Argentina. Having started a degree in Chemical engineering he soon changed direction and obtained his National Diploma of Oenology.

Having gone on to specialise in Viticulture, his career to date has spanned several continents and some of the best wineries in the world. From Château Auzias in Carcassone, to working for the Familia Zuccardi in Argentina among the most famous wineries in the country and Château Auzias he went on to join LVMH working between Argentina and Spain before joining Cabinet d’Agronomie Provençale (CAP) and now Mirabeau as our winemaker.

Pablo has an excellent understanding of what people are looking for in a great rosé and is a skilled blender. He is detail driven and keeps a roving eye on all aspects of our winemaking, constantly working on ensuring that our wines are amongst the most distinguished from this iconic area.