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Our Riviera Icons

All over the world, people have fallen head over heels for these gorgeous pale pink wines. Delicate and divine, elegant and uncomplicated…they're the good life in a glass. And of course, they taste delicious. We also hope you'll love our new herbaceous-style dry pale pink Gin. Santé!

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About Mirabeau

Sometimes the best wines come with the best stories. Stories of love, adventure and a serious passion for rosé. Meet Jeany and Stephen Cronk, the founders of Mirabeau.


Domaine Mirabeau

Domaine Mirabeau is the beautifully located flagship estate, which includes 14 hectares of AOP Côtes de Provence vineyards and two uniquely situated rental properties.



Want to know more about life in the South of France? Then, come away with us! Our journal is the perfect place for a virtual holiday. Pour yourself a glass of our luscious rosé, relax and explore the wonders of Provence from afar.

Introducing the Mirabeau Dry Rosé Gin Garden  

Bees amongst the Vines

Pumpkin Spice Martini

Moderate Consumption and Responsible Choices

Rosé Leftover Series – Rosé Ice Cubes

Peach Rosé Dessert by Enrico Carloni

Matchatini with Dry Rosé Gin

The Mimosa, a Touch of Colour on our Vineyard

Cheese Fondue with Mirabeau Gin

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