Host your own Endless Lunch: Tablescaping Tips

Discover the art of slow living and savour the simple pleasures of life with the Endless Lunch by Mirabeau. Picture yourself sitting at a beautifully set table with your loved ones, creating an effortlessly elegant atmosphere that captures the relaxed and carefree charm of the French Riviera.

And the best part? You can bring this experience to your own home. Our co-founder, Jeany, has put together a few tips to help you effortlessly recreate the essence of this unforgettable occasion in your own space.

I’ve always loved creating beautiful table arrangements for friends and family, and we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to props and decoration here in Provence.

Start with a neutral base

Choose a tablecloth or runner made of natural materials like linen, with a neutral colour like ivory or beige. It will provide a blank canvas that will allow the crockery and decoration to stand out.

Create colour contrast

Use complementary colours to create an eye-catching table setting. I always like having a touch a pink (to compliment our rosé!) and introduce other colours through napkins or placemats.

Seasonal fruits as decoration

Peaches, lemons, lime or oranges will all bring a touch of colour to your table. I arrange them in small Provençal terracotta pots scattered in the middle of the table. Some guests may even eat them!


Candleholders and coloured candles are a staple in my household. They bring a wonderful ambience once the sun has set, especially when having dinner al fresco. I usually go for glass or ceramic candleholders.

Keep it simple

Don’t overcrowd the table as you will need space for the food. Embrace negative space and allow your decorations to shine.

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