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Domaine Mirabeau

2019 marked the tenth anniversary of Jeany and Stephen selling their home in London and moving to Provence with the idea of creating an exciting wine brand. They are delighted that Mirabeau’s award-winning wines are now selling in 50 countries, and their dream of buying a beautiful wine estate has finally been realised.

Located 13km from the historic village of La Garde-Freinet and in the commune of the Golfe de Saint-Tropez, the domaine is a just an hour from Nice airport and an hour-and-a-quarter from Marseille and therefore ideally situated for international travel and exploring the glamourous French Riviera. Nestling in a secluded section of the Plaine des Maures National Nature Reserve, its unique position means it’s also close to Provence’s stunning villages, idyllic countryside and coastline.

Domaine Mirabeau falls within the newly created subregion within the Côtes de Provence AOC, Notre Dame des Anges. The terroir covers 3,900 hectares of vineyards interwoven within the landscape of umbrella pines, cork oak trees and chestnut groves typical of the Plaine des Maures, an ecosystem rich in fauna and flora.

The 20-hectare estate includes 14 hectares of vines (principally grenache, cinsault and rolle) and enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot summers, bright sunlight and a prevailing easterly wind. Unlike the rest of the region, which is dominated by low, soft-leaved ‘garrigue’ scrubland, this part of Provence is noticeably different with evergreen ‘maquis’ scrubland and stony terrain formed from pink sandstone and sandy soils.

Domaine Mirabeau reflects Stephen and Jeany’s hopes and dreams. Committed to their roles as stewards of their land, both founders want to honour the position of this uniquely beautiful site. Embracing ambitious farming practices and wine making techniques, the estate is moving towards a future of regenerative farming.

La Réserve, their first cuvée from Domaine Mirabeau, is a limited edition, complex gastronomic rosé wine. With 50% of profits supporting Stephen’s Regenerative Viticulture Foundation, a platform for information and research, La Réserve marks their pioneering commitment to a future of regenerative farming.

Our Approach to Regenerative Agriculture

Stephen and Jeany are deeply committed to the environment and finding a way to produce leading wines whilst also farming in a way that respects and preserves the surrounding ecosystem.

We’re at the very beginning of this Regenerative Agriculture journey here at Domaine Mirabeau, having only stopped conventional farming when Stephen and Jeany bought the domaine back in September 2019, and we’re now on our four-year conversion to Organic (see Our Commitment to Reducing Our Impact on the Environment).

We’ve got so much to learn, and a very long journey ahead of us, but we are lucky to be connecting with Regenerative Agriculture and permaculture experts from around the world to support us on this journey; including from the UK, USA, Australia and France.

The domaine has a beautiful ‘potager’ walled vegetable garden, where we’re growing organic vegetables, salads and herbs to offer our guests. We’re also reducing our “Food Miles” by buying produce that comes from the local community, when it is in season rather than food that has travelled many miles to get to us. We’ve built relationships with local suppliers and farmers who share our values; butchers, cheese-makers and fishmongers committed to using sustainably sourced ingredients from Provence.

Domaine Mirabeau is a true farm, complete with animals that all play a key part in our ecosystem. Free range chickens and ducks provide eggs for our guests as well as eating insects that destroy plants, our pigs Frankie and Digby help reduce our food waste, and alpacas Vince and Pablo provide manure for the vegetable garden.

Our environmental commitments guide all our activities on the domaine and we are continuously striving to reduce our carbon footprint. We take our eco-credentials very seriously. We’ve set ambitious goals to become entirely plastic-free, convert to 100% sustainable energy, minimise the use of precious resources like water, energy, and raw materials and are also exploring other ways to reduce waste.

Stay at Domaine Mirabeau

Le Mas Farmhouse is our charming villa to rent on Domaine Mirabeau, perfect for families or groups of friends looking to escape busy lives and relax, whilst exploring everything Provence has to offer. Staying here is also a great way to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into life on our Domaine.

Le Mas Farmhouse

A charming five-bedroom farmhouse, with its own private entrance, gardens, terraces, balcony and pool. All rooms are ensuite, and the villa has two family rooms, so can sleep up to 12 people.

If you are interested in renting this villa, please contact Anja our Domaine Guardian and Hospitality Manager at