ESG Mission Statement

Environment, Social, Governance

Mirabeau creates beautiful products that come from nature, which is all the more reason to take our passion of caring about nature even further. We’re treading lightly for tomorrow’s generations by rewilding our vineyards, regenerating our soils, rebuilding biodiversity and leading by example.

Our Vision

“To be the most engaging Rosé drinks brand, helping celebrate life’s beautiful moments, whilst being committed to our people and our planet.”


Stephen and Jeany have always had a personal commitment to the planet and have supported environmental and humanitarian organisations such as Greenpeace and Amnesty International since the 1990s. They have equally been devoted to contributing to their local community in Cotignac. From supporting local schools, providing internships and employment, as well as supporting charity fundraising events across the markets that Mirabeau works in.

Maison Mirabeau is a company that strives to have purpose beyond the bottom line. Whilst focused on producing award-winning wines and creating beautiful moments for people, Maison Mirabeau is also ambitious to be the best company it possibly can be. It’s about being mindful of our people, our community, our customers and the environment. For that reason Maison Mirabeau is seeking an external accreditation for it’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability program using a ready made framework for excellence: B Corporation. We are proud to be seen as one of the pioneers by B Corp, as there have only been a handful of winemakers or vineyards who have achieved the accreditation. We aim to build a sustainable business by drastically reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and to work towards our goal of reducing our GHG footprint and to become one of the first Provence wine brands to be carbon neutral.


At Maison Mirabeau we are deeply committed to the environment and finding more sustainable ways of producing award winning wines whilst also farming in a way that respects and preserves the surrounding
ecosystem. By obtaining and maintaining the B-Corp certification we aim to strive for continual improvement on sustainability. We are not afraid to look inwards and continually review our business and ways of working.

We have applied various changes like changing to 100% renewable energy, recycling waste, monitoring our energy consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions and setting objectives for reduction. Our commitment to sustainability includes small everyday actions which each and everyone of us can take from avoiding single-use plastic items to working with local suppliers.

Domaine Mirabeau, our 20 hectare estate, includes 14 hectares of vines and sits within a unique landscape of umbrella pines, cork oak trees and chestnut groves forming the Plaine des Maures National Nature Reserve. The biodiversity within the estate includes rare species like the turtle Testudo Hermanni and a rich ecosystem of fauna and floral, boasting a unique terroir of red mother rock, with mineral rich sand and schist soils.

We take our responsibility of being stewards of the land seriously, dedicating ourselves to treating it with respect in every way and working hard to leave it in a better way than when we found it. This mindset is
reflected first and foremost in our approach to viticulture. Domaine Mirabeau is embarking on its journey to move beyond organic and to implementing regenerative farming practices. Mindful of the highly sensitive ecosystem within which Domaine Mirabeau lies, our goal is to transition away from a monoculture system of agriculture and to put soil health at the centre of our work in the vineyard, thus reducing the degenerative impact to the earth and local ecosystems and rebuilding biodiversity, soil health and carbon sequestration.


At Maison Mirabeau we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality wines and meaningful engagement with our customers and community whilst being respectful in the way we work. We believe in supporting our community by sourcing local labour and materials whenever possible and are deeply committed to supporting and helping young people realise their potential through the employment programmes and opportunities we offer. From apprenticeships and internships for local students through to empowering our team with career development opportunities needed to see them flourish in their roles.

As a mindful and supportive team we are respectful and kind to one another demonstrating personal interest and care and support home-working as and when needed to promote a healthy work life balance for our team. We are committed to cultivating an inclusive work environment where our employees feel they belong and are comfortable being themselves.

Maison Mirabeau is proud to be a founding member of The Regenerative Viticulture Foundation, a charitable organisation for the sustainable and regenerative development of farming a vineyard.


2019 marked the 10 year anniversary of Maison Mirabeau and the acquisition of Domaine Mirabeau. As Mirabeau started its conversion to organic in 2019, we have a strong desire to be more ambitious. Inspired by the work of Mimi Casteel, botanist and ecologist of Hope Well Wine vineyard in Oregon, Stephen and Jeany are committed to moving beyond organic farming practices to a holistic regenerative agricultural approach to regenerate the soils and increase biodiversity.

Mindful of the highly sensitive ecosystem within which Domaine Mirabeau lies, their goal is to transition away from monoculture in agriculture and to put soil health at the centre of their work in the vineyard, thus reducing the degenerative impact to the earth and local ecosystems.

This year, 2021 sees the realisation of a dream, with the launch of our first single estate limited production cuvée La Réserve.

As we look to achieve our B Corp certification, we have made mindful changes to the way we operate and have launched a number of key workstreams to place society and the environment at the heart of what
we do and key component of our companies mission. We have also appointed a Corporate Social Responsibility Manager to work together with the leadership team and an internal project team of 16 volunteers to review business practices, supply chain and policies, in order to enhance the roadmap that will see our company become a best in class purpose-led organization.

The Maison Mirabeau board of directors comprises the following individuals:

  • Stephen Cronk, Co-Founder of Maison Mirabeau and founding trustee of the Regenerative Viticulture Foundation
  • Jeany Cronk, Co-Founder
  • Patrick Gallagher, Chairman
  • Rolf Hansen, Independent Investor

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