The Regenerative Viticulture Foundation

Promoting the benefits of Regenerative Viticulture to restore biodiversity

On Domaine Mirabeau we have begun a journey to regenerate the soil, restore biodiversity and crucially sequester more carbon. The Regenerative Viticulture Foundation, a UK based charity, was founded by Stephen Cronk, who chairs as a Trustee and Maison Mirabeau supports as a founding corporate funder.

The Regenerative Viticulture Foundation brings together practitioners, researchers and leaders in regenerative agriculture and viticulture and works with experts in the fields of science, farming and communications.

The Foundation will support and enable viticulturists to make the transition from conventional or organic farming to Regenerative Viticulture and to create a database of evidence and a platform for advice, support and education concerning regenerative viticulture.

It is estimated that at least 50% of the carbon in the earth’s soils has been released into the atmosphere over the centuries and agriculture is one of the major contributors. However agriculture can be a major part of the solution and Regenerative Agriculture is a promising solution for bringing that carbon back home and helping to address climate change.

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