What is Vegan Wine?

If you’ve never considered the possibility that wine might not be vegan, you’re certainly not alone. While the primary ingredients of wine like grape juice, and yeast, are inherently vegan, the winemaking process commonly involves the use of fining agents, which are typically of animal origin.

Wine certified as vegan does not contain any animal-derived substances or by-products in its ingredients, manufacturing, or packaging.

Benefits of Vegan Wine

The ingredients and products must not undergo any testing on animals for purposes related to efficacy, toxicity, safety, cosmetics, or any other purpose, whether conducted by the company or any independent contractor. All materials utilised in the process need to be sourced, verified, and/or tested to ensure that no animal-derived materials are present. Furthermore, every ingredient and material should meet the vegan safety standards established by BeVeg for animal welfare. These standards also necessitate a comprehensive risk assessment to ensure the adoption of the best manufacturing practices, responsible production, and an ethical representation of the certified vegan claim.

Aside from its obvious appeal to the vegan community, vegan wine boasts several advantages.

Vegan wines are considered more eco-friendly as they contribute to a smaller carbon footprint. This is because the cultivation of plant-based foods emits fewer greenhouse gases compared to the processes involved in raising livestock, poultry, and dairy, making it a better option for the environment.

The animal-farming industry is often associated with various inhumane practices, and the sources of conventional wine-fining agents are no exception. Opting for vegan wines signifies your support for animal rights and welfare, as it ensures that no animals are utilised or harmed at any stage of the winemaking process.

What Mirabeau wines are vegan?

Mirabeau’s range of vegan wines includes X, Forever Summer, Belle Année, Prêt-à-Porter, La Folie and our Domaine cuvée La Réserve. In addition, all of our wines are vegetarian.

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