Mirabeau Dry Rosé Gin & Tonic Canettes

The Original Rosé G&T, brought to you by Maison Mirabeau. Delicately balancing the light and fragrant notes of Mediterranean tonic we’ve combined our award winning Mirabeau Dry Rosé Gin for the ultimate taste experience in a stylish slim-line can. Stylish and prêt-à-porter our Mirabeau G&T is the perfect solution for those al fresco moments, from a picnic in the park to a refreshing aperitif in the garden or by the sea. Sit back and take a trip to the French Riviera as you sip the beautiful botanicals of the South of France.

Pairing our dry rosé gin with the aromatic notes of Mediterranean tonic, our botanicals inspired by the French Riviera are brought centre stage. Lemons and Coriander bring a citrus character to our gin whilst Orris and Angelica roots impart earthy notes. Our delicate balance of Rose, Lavender and Jasmine bring a variety of floral tones. Finally, Bay, Thyme and Rosemary add a finely balanced herbaceous character to the blend.

Origin: France
Elevation of the Distillery:  27m
ABV: 6.5%
Distillation: Traditional Copper Pot Still
Base Alcohol Composition: Grape based alcohol at 96.3%
Botanicals: Juniper berries, Coriander seeds, Orris and Angelica roots, Citron de Menton peel and zest, Rosemary, Thyme, Bay leaves, Lavender, Rose de Mai petals, Jasmine
Process: 24 hour maceration of our core seven botanicals. Five more delicate botanicals added in a suspended basket during distillation
Characteristics: A dry pale pink Gin, distilled following the guidelines for a London Dry


Juniper – the backbone of any great gin. Common juniper, the staple of the gin industry, is found at higher elevations in the region and Mirabeau has used foraged Cade juniper, a strictly Mediterranean variety for some local flair

Citrus – legend has it that the seed for the original Citron de Menton was smuggled by Adam from the garden of Eden. Looking down from the groves of La Maison du Citron (that supplies Mirabeau with peel and zest) towards the pretty shores of Menton, Jeany and Stephen are confident that they have sourced some really unique elements right on their doorstep

Orris root – the dried root of iris Germanica or pallida is a key ingredient in the perfume industry adding tones described as tenaciously flowery. Local supply is recovering, and Mirabeau is delighted to be able to include such a precious ingredient in the blend

Angelica root – A cornerstone ingredient of many gins, this member of the celery family adds earthy tones once distilled. An ancient plant with many virtues it is also cultivated locally

Coriander seed – with its signature lemony notes, grows wild in climates as diverse as southern Europe and Asia

Rose petals, Lavender and Jasmine, three prime fragrance ingredients add a floral lift and taste of Provence:
– Organic Rosé de Mai (or Rosa Centifolia) brings an intensely pretty flavour
– Lavender, the iconic plant of Provence, a pinch adds interest to the gin profile
– Jasmine, with its powerful fragrance, is used as a tea in a suspended basket, to keep its flavour subtle and delicate

Bay, Thyme and Rosemary, three herbs that abound in our hills add the flavours of the garrigue that characterise many of our wines and local cuisine

Neutral Spirit – 100% from grapes. At over 96° it imparts a gentle, soft fruitiness to the finished gin. It’s also naturally gluten free.

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