Our top 3 picks for Beach Clubs on the gorgeous French Riviera

The French Riviera, renowned for its glamorous coastline and azure waters, boasts a multitude of beach clubs catering to diverse tastes. When it comes to experiencing the epitome of luxury and relaxation on the French Riviera, here are Maison Mirabeau’s top three picks for beach clubs that are sure to leave you in awe. Immerse yourself in the exclusive charm of Lily of the Valley, soak in the chill vibes at Indie Beach, and indulge in the natural oasis of luxury offered by Roche Rouge. 

Lily of the Valley: Where Luxury Meets Tranquillity  

Nestled in the hills of the Saint Tropez peninsula, Lily of the Valley is a haven of tranquillity that seamlessly blends luxury with nature. This exclusive beach club is known for its serene atmosphere, lush gardens, and panoramic views of the Mediterranean.

Lily of the Valley offers a unique choice between three locations, with the Vista restaurant offering a high-end dining experience next to the most extraordinary pool with a view. Lovely dishes include Provençal spelt risotto, truffled vegetables, slow cooked lamb shoulder from Sisteron, served with our award-winning Etoile rosé. Or go down to the beach, a short drive away, where you find the classy restaurant la Brigantine, with an easy Italian inspired menu.

If you want a true “feet in the sand experience” go next door to the Pepe Beach Club, via the cool boutique where you can buy some boho chic apparel.  The menu at Pepe is very relaxed and it’s the perfect location if you are with kids and want to alternate between the beach and the lunch table. 

Indie Beach: A Bohemian Chic Oasis 

For those seeking a laid-back and bohemian chic atmosphere, Indie Beach is a breath of fresh air and our go-to-destination. With your toes in the sand and sipping on a crisp glass of rosé, enjoy the great chill music as part of the vibrant beachfront ambiance. Indulge your senses further with a carefully curated menu featuring locally sourced cuisine, majoring on fresh seafood, and light sharing dishes.  You can find grilled jumbo prawns, sea bass ceviche, beetroot carpaccio and many other delicious dishes.  The beautiful beach of Pampelonne is only a few meters away from the dining terrace and you can rent some loungers to alternate between eating and enjoying the water.  With its artistic charm and welcoming ambiance, Indie Beach captures the essence of the Riviera’s free-spirited nature, making it a must-visit for those craving a unique beach experience. It’s a kid friendly place, where you can easily while away a beautiful day on the Côte D’Azur.  

Roche Rouge: Nature’s Oasis of Luxury 

Nestled between the ochre-red rocks, Roche Rouge offers a unique blend of retro luxury and unspoiled natural beauty. This beach club is renowned for its secluded coves, red cliffs, and crystalline waters. Roche Rouge provides an exclusive retreat where guests can revel in top-notch amenities while being surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of the Riviera. The hotel is known for its fantastic design and it’s like a voyage into the style of the past married to the cool present.  As you arrive roadside, take the lift down to the sea level, you’ll emerge looking out over the most stunning deck towards the glistening sea of the “Isle D’Or”. The restaurant is wonderful and relaxed, and you will spend time lunching or dining with priceless views. There is a lovely menu of Mediterranean dishes, such as grilled crab Linguine with Boutargue, Tuna Tartar or Octopus Salad with lemon and garlic served by a friendly team.  

We hope you can sample one of these lovely locations on your next trip to the French Riviera, we go there often with friends and clients and always have a great experience.  

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