Discover Europe’s Biggest Mimosa Forest 

Nestled in the heart of Provence, roughly an hour from Domaine Mirabeau, the forest around the hillside village of Tanneron reveals a floral spectacle attracting locals and tourists worldwide. This arresting landscape hosts the continent’s largest mimosa forest, where these golden blooms paint a vibrant panorama, capturing the essence of winter sunshine in Provence. 

From mid-December to mid-March, this magical forest bursts into bloom adorning the hillsides with thousands of tiny yellow pompoms that release a sweet and delicate perfume, marking the arrival of spring in a burst of vibrant colour. 

Originally brought over from Australia in the late 18th century, the Route de Mimosa, also known as the Mimosa Trail, now boasts an impressive diversity, featuring up to 90 different varieties. This 130km trail stretches along the French Riviera starting at Bormes-les-Mimosas, weaves along through Tanneron and ends at Grasse which plays a significant role in the production of perfumes using mimosa essential oil.  

Initially introduced as ornamental additions to gardens, mimosa trees quickly gained popularity. The cultivation of mimosa expanded, transforming the landscape into a sea of gold during the blooming season. The mild climate and abundant sunshine of the French Riviera provided the ideal conditions for mimosa cultivation to thrive. 

On our walk, we met Julien Augier and his father Rémy, local farmers who, along with their team, were harvesting their mimosas and offered us this stunning bouquet. The mimosas that they were harvesting were not only to sell as decoration, or for perfumery, but also for the production of Mimosa Beer, a delightful speciality served at the Brasserie, La Tuf, in Cotignac. 

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a fragrance lover, or simply seeking a moment of beauty, this trail promises an unforgettable journey through Europe’s most magnificent mimosa forest. 

The Mimosa Trail is definitely one to add to your Provence bucket list! 

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