Château de Moissac

During her visit to Provence in August 2019, Ruby Peng @Wanderlustruby came to stay with us in Cotignac. As well as showing her our gorgeous village, we spent an evening with friends @lagaleriecotignac at the breathtaking Château de Moissac-Bellevue.

Jeany Cronk, Mirabeau

We hope you’ll also find inspiration from this gorgeous home.

The Château began its time as a country home for a noble Provençal family but was left to decay, when in 1993 the heirs of the Château sold it to the current owners Marie-Christine and Louis Caviglione who were looking for their spot under the Provençal sun. With the Château in ruins they set out to restore the home back to its former grandeur.

Marie-Christine focused on the interior design of the project, whilst husband Louis focused on the renovations of the stonework and gardens. Their daughter Manuella brought her fashion stylist skills to bear and used a contemporary touch to give the Château a creative ambience.

The Château is now reminiscent of its previous life as a noble country home with a beautifully ornate interior and elegant classic exterior. The furniture captures the spirit of all the seasons in Provence, while giving a nod to the art of relaxed living in the South of France.

Due to its creative flair, the Caviglione’s not only use the Château as their family home but also hire it to photographers, designers and stylists alike, looking for a dreamy setting.

We discovered it also makes the perfect place for a dinner party or social event, with the most beautiful views over the Provence country side, it really is a secret gem of the region and a little slice of heaven.

Caviglione Family, Château de Moissac

For further information on hiring the château for photography shoots, and when it’s safe to do so again (Covid-19), for private and exclusive receptions, seminars and professional events, please visit their website

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