A Little Escape to Menton

Today we’re taking you on a tour of the beautiful town of Menton on the French Riviera, right by the Italian border!

Being so close to Italy, the architecture and façades can feel very Italian. Menton is known for its citrus fruits, and you can find amazing citrus trees all over the city. The Citron de Menton is the most famous one and we use it in our gin!

Speaking of streets, the narrow streets of the old town are an absolute joy to wander through, with hundreds of different pastel shades.

Menton is also known for its beautiful gardens, and the streets are full of colourful and fragrant flowers.

We’d suggest that you start your visit with a walk along the seaside.

Make sure to stop by the Cocteau Museum in the Bastion, to see some of Cocteau’s beautiful pebble mosaics. « Je changerai mes œuvres dès qu’elles prendront un air d’habitude. » In respect to the artist’s wishes, the museum changes his collection each year.

Head to “Le Petit Port‘ for a light lunch in the sunshine. We enjoyed a ‘soupe de poissons’ and ‘fritures de calamars’.

Ascend the gorgeous yellow stairs to end your walk with a beautiful view at the top of Basilique Saint Michel, which was constructed at the wishes of Prince Honoré II of Monaco in the 1600s.

The design and construct of this beautiful sanctuary, Basilique Saint Michel, was entrusted to Genoese architect, Laurent Lavagna and placed under the patronage of Archangel Saint Michel. In 1701 the 53 meter tall bell tower was raised by Monegasque architect, Emmanuel Cantone and is the emblem of Menton, which dominates the narrow forecourt “high place suspended between heaven and earth”.


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