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Our range

Maison Mirabeau is delighted to present you the versatile Mirabeau en Provence range of premium AOP Rosés, the innovative Mirabeau selection and the Riviera-inspired pale pink Gin. This beautifully chosen range of Rosés, Sparkling Rosé and dry Gin pair up perfectly for festive and pampering occasions, as well as being great partner to many foods.

Mirabeau en Provence Rosés

Provence is the most magical and exciting place in the world to make rosé. This pale pink wine has been made here since 600 B.C., so it’s no surprise that this area is famous for making the best in the world. Our award winning rosé wines have been crafted from some of the finest sun-drenched vineyards in the region, with excellent farming partners and bringing to bear our widely renowned blending skills. At Mirabeau, our focus is on creating delectable, dry pink wines, that are a perfect partner to a vast assortment of foods and are diverse enough to be served at any occasion.

Domaine Mirabeau

La Réserve, the first cuvée from Domaine Mirabeau, is a statement of our founders’ hopes and dreams. This limited gastronomic rosé hails from their estate, nestled in the nature reserve at the foothill of the Maures mountains and is farmed using regenerative practices.

Mirabeau Gin

Introducing the original Rosé Gin, made with 100% grape based spirit and our award-winning rosé wine. Through our passion for wine-making we have up-cycled leftover grape skins to create a subtly fruity, smooth-sipping dry gin with the glamorous aromas and botanicals of the French Riviera.

Where to buy

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