Regenerative Farming Day at Domaine Mirabeau

Mirabeau founder and RVF Chair, Stephen Cronk, held his first RVF meeting at Domaine Mirabeau, attended by growers, soil experts, viticultural consultants, regional representatives, and local leaders in regenerative viticulture. Knowledge was shared on topics including integrating animals, planting hedgerows, cover crops, biochar and much more.

Stephen had recently received the results of the latest soil analyses indicating huge improvements in microbial and fungal activity (x10) since practising regenerative viticulture at the Domaine. We shared the protocol we had implemented, the many positive effects we have observed and some of the learnings that we have taken away over the last few years.

Notable speakers included:

  • Jessica Villat (Datamars Sustainability Foundation CEO) on why current agricultural systems need to be rethought and why we need to think about the regeneration of ecosystems, not only from an environmental point of view, but also for agriculture to have a sustainable future
  • Olivier Lamote (Biospheres) on what regenerative agriculture is and how it differs from organic and biodynamic agriculture; implementation of regenerative agricultural practices in the vineyard; what regeneration is looking to accomplish; how to start changing management practices
  • A panel hosted by Jessica with Christian Nicolau (Domaine de Valgencelle) and Andy Beanland (Resilience Soil Lab and RVF technical advisor) on Dom de Valgencelle’s practices with scientific explanation behind decisions and actions
  • Antoine Mathias (Sustainable Development and Agroecological Transition Manager, Côtes de Provence Wine Union) on collectively achieving sustainable soil management; presentation of Terre Apara project run by the Syndicat des Côtes de Provence
  • Anna Li (Provencal Agronomy Office Research Manager) on lifofer and biochar application
  • Clement Prelat (Provencal Agronomy and viticultural consultant) giving an overview of regeneration practices at Domaine Mirabeau, with a vineyard walk to see it in action

Stephen is committed to spreading the word about this beneficial agriculture system, with the overarching aim of interesting growers so that these methods will be practised at scale in the future.
We are currently undergoing certification for regenerative agriculture at the Domaine with two certifying bodies.  

You can find more information here: The Regenerative Viticulture Foundation or contact our team if you have any questions or ideas.

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