Spring at Domaine Mirabeau

As the days grow warmer and spring is in the air things start to get busier and busier at Domaine Mirabeau.

We hosted a lovely group of London Bar owners and, together, created some exceptional and interesting drinks with our Mirabeau Dry Rosé Gin. The sun showed its face as well and spoilt us with warm rays throughout the day. Chilly evenings were spent in good company in la ‘piéce voutée’ of the Bastide, which is a beautiful stone walled, rounded ceiling room.

At the end of March, we invited some rather special guests to the Domaine. A flock of local sheep.

They tend to the grassy growth in the rows of grapevines; happily grazing amongst the vines as well as the adjacent blooming fruit trees.

Introducing sheep into the vineyards has long been recognized for its potential to reduce environmental impacts. Sheep offer some of the best natural fertilizers as their manure pellets take time to dissolve into the soil. And of course, they are far more carbon-neutral than a petrol mower!

We are so happy to see that wildlife is slowly returning to the nature reserve after the devastating fires last year.

The Plaine des Maures is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable natural sites in the Provence. This magnificent landscape is often compared to the African savannah and is unique in France and Western Europe.

Parasol pines amid pink Sandstone are set against the blue background of the Massif des Maures. The unusual geomorphology and climate conditions have formed a unique collection of ecosystems that are home to an array of fauna and flora.

This little guy, a Hermani tortoise, was spotted on the Domain. These are an endangered species that were hit very hard by the fires destroying their habitat. It’s so encouraging seeing them return.

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