Winter has arrived at the Domaine

Come December and January, it’s winter time at Domaine Mirabeau. Even if we are in Provence and the days are generally quite warm here, the nights are chilly and drop to sub-zero temperatures. The trees and vines have lost their last leaves. While it’s time for nature to sleep a little and to repose itself, we, the Domaine Team, are kept busy!

Domaine Mirabeau Winter In Provence

Pascal, our Domaine Manager, has started to prune the vines – we have 14 hectares, so he will be busy for a while! Meanwhile we (Simon and Anja, the Domaine Guardians) have started to tend to the abundance of trees and plants that grow wild on the estate.

It’s rain season right now, but it still doesn’t rain very often, and certainly not enough. Last summer was one of the driest summers on record, and we need lots of rain to fill our waterfalls and rivers. Just to give you an example, the famous “Gorges du Verdon” was six meters under its normal water level last summer, and some parts of the river had dried out. So we are grateful for every drop of rain we get – our little river on the estate is finally moving again and our two ducks are very happy!

Our Domaine animals are well; the alpacas, goat and chickens are running happily around the vineyard and eating grass and leaves everywhere. So, don’t be too surprised if you come to stay and wake up to an alpaca peering through your window! Fun fact: the alpacas love to scratch themselves on the bushes, so if you see a bush that looks a little dishevelled, you know that’s an “alpaca scratch bush”.

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