Edible Vineyard

It all began with a simple yet intriguing idea: what if we could intertwine the world of vegetables with our vineyard? Beyond the romantic allure of plucking one’s vegetables among the vines, we wondered if this relationship could not only enhance the quality of our soil but also improve the overall health of our grapes. Our response? Let’s give it a shot!

The first question on our minds was, “Which vegetables should we plant?”. The final selection included a delightful array of tomatoes, cucumbers, various pumpkins, aubergines, courgettes, green beans, and peppers.
Our Domaine Manager, Pascal, built a metal structure for some of the vegetables to climb onto. We quickly saw great results from his work. From the onset of May until now, we have been fortunate to enjoy a harvest of fresh produce, elevating the meals served to our Domaine guests.

But the advantages extended beyond the culinary realm. The strategically placed vegetable plants offered shade to the vines, and with the addition of mulch around them, the soil retained more moisture compared to the rest of the vineyard. The roots of the vegetables played a crucial role in loosening up the compacted soil in the area where we built our edible vineyard.

In summary, this experiment has proven to be a great success. It has not only enriched our culinary offerings but has also had positive ripple effects on our grapevines and soil health. Looking ahead, we view this as more than just an experiment; it’s a promising project that we’re eager to nurture and expand in the future, potentially on an even bigger scale.

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