Alpacas on the Farm

For those of you who follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll have seen that we had some new arrivals on Domaine Mirabeau last month; two alpacas! 

Back in April, Jeany and Pascal, the Domaine’s Estate Manager went off to Les Alpagas de Bourbouton, a local alpaca breeder who is based just a couple of hours from the Domaine, and fell in love with these two alpacas. Pascal set about building them a shelter from repurposed oak wood from a barn on the domaine, and finally at the end of May, they arrived!

Our two teenage boys have been settling in really nicely to the domaine – they love eating hay and carrots, and are gradually getting more confident. We ran a naming competition for the alpacas on Instagram, and you came up with some hilarious, creative and clever suggestions. We ended up naming them Pablo [Picasso] and Vince [Van Gogh] after the two artists who loved Provence, spent time here, and encapsulated Provence in their famous paintings.

The alpacas are keeping the grasses and bushes in the forest short, so we don’t need to use any machinery to keep the area clear, and their manure will also be used as fertiliser in the domaine’s gardens, as it’s a great, rich soil conditioner. Alpacas are also a great companion animal to the chickens we hope to have in the future.

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