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Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility

Jeany and Stephen’s long-term commitment to the environment and community support

Maison Mirabeau co-founders Stephen and Jeany Cronk have always had a deep personal commitment to the planet and have supported environmental organisations such as Greenpeace since the 1990s. They have equally been devoted to supporting their local community in Cotignac supporting local schools and providing internships and entry level roles to give people a foot in the door in the wine industry, as well as supporting charity fundraising events in the UK.

Maison Mirabeau’s new ambition to balance People, Planet and Profit

In 2020 Stephen and Jeany together with our leadership team decided they wanted to go even further to ensure that Maison Mirabeau continues its journey to become a company with purpose beyond the bottom line, formalising its position as a company that balances People, Planet and Profit. We want to be mindful of our people, our community, our customers and the environment. A company that cares about our employees and is unwavering on delivering quality to our customers.

B Corporation

We are striving to become a world-class purpose-driven organisation. To achieve this, we are seeking external accreditation for our Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability programme using a ready-made framework for excellence from B Corporation. By the end of 2022 we hope to be awarded the accreditation and join a community of over 3,800 registered ‘B Corps’ globally. On achieving B Corp status, companies are required to legally change their statutes so that society and the environment become a core part of the company mission.

After extensive analysis and research, we decided B Corporation was the right accreditation to pursue as it is both comprehensive and rigorous, covering all business areas from Environment to People and with a thorough 200-question assessment. For us pursing B Corporation accreditation isn’t just a tick box exercise to get the accreditation and pat ourselves on the back. The B Corporation framework will provide us with a roadmap, that will see us making changes year on year to positively impact the environment, society and our people.

Stephen Cronk, Maison Mirabeau CEO and Co-Founder

A pioneer future-B Corp in the wine and spirits industry

Mirabeau is following in the footsteps of only a handful of winemakers and vineyards in Europe who have achieved B Corp status. The B Corp accreditation is not just about Mirabeau monitoring and improving our own business practices, such as setting annual targets to reduce our environmental impact, but also about us influencing our supply chain. This is both the most challenging part of the B Corp accreditation, and perhaps the area that excites us the most. By requesting our supply chain to track their environmental footprint in the context of the B Corp framework we hope to have a far greater impact than we could do alone.

Promoting the benefits of Regenerative Viticulture to restore biodiversity

On Domaine Mirabeau we have begun a journey to regenerate the soil, restore biodiversity and crucially sequester more carbon (more information here).

Stephen is in the process of founding The Regenerative Viticulture Foundation, a UK based charity that he chairs as a Trustee and that Maison Mirabeau supports as a founding corporate funder. The Regenerative Viticulture Foundation will bring together practitioners, researchers and leaders in regenerative agriculture and viticulture and work with experts in the fields of science, farming and communications.

The Foundation will support and enable viticulturists to make the transition from conventional or organic farming to Regenerative Viticulture and to create a database of evidence and a platform for advice, support and education concerning regenerative viticulture.

It is estimated that at least 50% of the carbon in the earth’s soils has been released into the atmosphere over the centuries and agriculture is one of the major contributors. However agriculture can be a major part of the solution and Regenerative Agriculture is a promising solution for bringing that carbon back home and helping to address climate change.

We look forward to sharing our B Corporation journey with you over the coming year.

If you would like more information on our B Corporation ambitions, please contact our Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Manuela Edmeades.  If you would like more information on the newly-founded Regenerative Viticulture Foundation please contact Cameron Christie.