Miramar Plage in Cannes

Famous for the iconic and glamorous Film Festival, luxurious hotels, boutiques and restaurants, Cannes attracts countless visitors each year. We celebrated the listing of Etoile at the gorgeous beach restaurant, Miramar Plage.

One of the biggest attractions has to be the famous La Croisette de Cannes Promenade built in the 1850s to suit the wealthy visitors who would arrive to spend winter in sunshine. By 1890 the promenade was extended up to the cape of Palm Beach. Croisette means little cross, and an oratory was built as a reminder of the pilgrims embarking on their journeys to St Honorat island, home to the Monks of Lérins.

Amidst the luxury bars and boutiques lining the promenade, we encounter the scenic restaurant “Miramar Plage” right on the beach. Guests are invited to spend a day on the private beach whilst enjoying a gorgeous view and a delicious dining experience with their toes in the sand.

The menu is influenced and inspired by international cuisines and combines traditional flavors with original touches. High quality ingredients are used and refined with exotic accents. All platters are presented with elegance and are very tastefully and creatively arranged.

The culinary creations by chef Vincent Perino mix local influences from the mediterrean southern French cuisine with Latin American and Asian aromas. The menu includes a broad range of dishes from ceviches over to pastas up to fresh seafood, caught freshly out of the ocean, right in front of the dining table.

Rounding off the aromatic journey at Miramar, is their incredible wine selection. The wine list offers more than 300 references of the best French and international varieties. The house sommelier happily offers advice on the wine choice for each dish to provide the ultimate match on the palate.

Recently the wine list has been extended with our gastronomic cuvée Mirabeau Etoile. Fine minerality and elegant citrusy notes pair beautifully with a range of dishes. It’s a delightful, yet very complex rosé wine with depth, and is the perfect accompaniment to the culinary concept at Miramar Plage.

Miramar Plage is a beautiful place to visit at any day time, either for a nice relaxing lunch, or for sundowner cocktails with a view after a day at the beach, or for a romantic dinner!

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