At the heart of our Mirabeau showroom

Lovely stuff is happening at the busy Mirabeau HQ on the Cours Gambetta in Cotignac. We renovated this 600 year old winery (La Falaise) to house our tasting room and office last year. After a really busy first summer with lots of visitors we closed again to start the second phase of the job. The entire building is getting a facelift and we will be lucky enough to be able to extend the Mirabeau showroom by another 40 square meters under the beautiful terrace that is currently being rebuilt.

I am incredibly excited about these developments as I will now get to fulfil my dream of showing off our wines amongst some real treasures from Provence. I have carefully chosen beautiful things that represent our lifestyle here in the South, but that also give some really good local craftsmen and food producers a chance to show their works in a nice atmosphere. All the items are chosen to be a good complement to the Mirabeau wine range, fitting well in terms of taste, design and pleasure of use. I truly believe that wine, art de la table and decorative items have a very natural fit, and the bright space that will form the entrance to the Mirabeau cave, will express that perfectly.

Here are some examples of what you will be able to find: beautifully coloured ceramics, hand enameled in the neighbouring village of Salernes; honey products from a madly dedicated beekeeper who travels all over Provence with his hives; fresh herbes de Provence in beautiful pots; some of the best flavoured oils and tapenades on the market; art from a local artist who celebrates Provence and it’s lifestyle and many other special items that will bring you joy and will make great presents.

Cross your fingers that the building phase will be uneventful (never a sure thing in Provence) and that we can throw our doors open towards the beginning of June. If you happen to visit the area in the summer please make sure to pop by.

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