Art and Gastronomy of Mougins

A few kilometres inland from Cannes, in the South of France, lies the picturesque medieval town of Mougins. With its charming narrow streets and creative vibe, Mougins is a draw card for artists, designers and actors. The town is famous for its inviting museums, galleries and lively art scene.

“Our splendid galleries of Egyptian, Greek and Roman material have had such a profound impact through history that these great civilisations have inspired countless generations of artists to record and reinterpret their ideas of the ancient world.” The Mougins Museum of Classical Art juxtaposes ancient, neoclassical, modern and contemporary art.

The recently completed Scene 55 Cultural Centre houses a theatre, music school, artist studios, and even has a dedicated space for puppetry.

Pablo Picasso and Mougins

Pablo Picasso is probably the most famous artist who has called Mougins home. While he loved the glamorous lifestyle of Cannes, he chose a more peaceful spot and purchased a villa in 1961 from the famous Irish Guinness family. Here he created some of his most expressive and famous art works, like “The Dance of Youth” (1961), “Nu Assis dans un fauteuil” (1963) and “Femme nue au collier” (1968). Picasso lived in the villa until his death in 1973. The house has since been sold to a private investor and is closed to the public. Picasso clearly left his mark in Mougins and was honored with a large sculpture of his head, overlooking the heart of the town.

Gastronomy and Mougins

Mougins is not only famous for its art scene, but also offers a broad selection of fantastic restaurants from fine dining to traditional Niçoise and Provençal cuisine.

In 1969, Roger Vergé opened Le Moulin de Mougins in the lower part of the village, followed by L’Amandier. Nowadays there are more than 40 restaurants, but in the 1970s there were only a handful, and Mougins became the most ‘starred’ village in France, with no fewer than 11 Michelin stars. Each year, there is an annual gourmet festival Les Etoiles de Mougins (the stars of Mougins) that showcases great chefs presenting their top culinary creations to eager participants. The first Etoiles de Mougins festival paid tribute to Verges for his contribution to Mougins and French gastronomy.

Here are some restaurants of note:

  • At La Place de Mougins, Chef Denis Fétisson invites you to enjoy fine cuisine in a refined setting, where you can discover delicate French dishes that celebrate the quality of the ingredients. 
  • Le Mas Candille (hotel, restaurant, spa) offers two dining experiences, Le Bistro du Mas for a Mediterranean-inspired meal with a breathtaking view, and their Michelin star Le Candille, where guests can also choose to experience dining at the chef’s table.
  • L’Amandier de Mougins opened under the management of Chefs Denis Fétisson and Didier Chouteau, in total respect of the spirit of Roger Vergé: Innovation, Refinement, Authenticity. Mirabeau is delighted with the listing of our Etoile rosé and Dry Rosé Gin.

Mougins is definitely worth visiting. Dive into the art scene and enjoy Provençal/French gastronomy in one of the lovely restaurants. Take a look at the Mougins Tourist Office website for further info.

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