Abundance as Spring turns to Summer

Thanks to early Spring rains, the warming Mediterranean sun and great care from our domaine guardians Sophie Anaïs and Ryan, the potager is thriving!

In April, the domaine team prepped the soil by adding the perfect natural fertilizer: manure from our farm animals, as well as the hay that kept the Alpacas toasty during winter, along with cut grass from the domaine gardens.

The team planted a large variety of vegetables, herbs and fruit: cucumber, peas, green beans, tomatoes in all colors and sizes, zucchini, aubergine, peppers, onions, melons, edible flowers, sunflowers, marigold and Provençal herbs. The potager bounty will be used to cook scrumptious meals for our domaine guests.

TIP: Did you know that marigolds are a natural insect repellant for your veggie garden? It attracts bugs and keeps them away from your growing plants.

Traditionally, vineyards are monocultures which are sprayed and ploughed, providing neatly manicured rows of vines that ‘eliminate all competition’. However, this process oxidises the soil leaving it devoid of essential nutrients and the practice of bare soil (i.e. no plants growing in-between the vines) is desertifiying vineyards. This leads to erosion, soil compaction and causes a lack of biodiversity above and below the soil.

Fortunately soil has an incredible ability to regenerate itself naturally and in doing so increases important microbial activity. We believe that with a healthy living soil we can steward the land in a far more responsible way, also producing higher quality grapes.

In accordance with our regenerative viticulture goals, we seeded clover, Fabaceae (the third largest plant family including peas, beans, legumes) and wheat last autumn.

April brought a good dose of rain, breaking a months-long dry spell and catalysed a Spring growth spurt.

The beautiful pink-red clover flowers are not only appealing to the eye, but also promote a healthy living soil. All around the domaine we’re enjoying a carpet of flowers, including the wild white St Bernard’s Lilies popping up organically, accompanied by the energetic buzz of insects collecting nectar and pollen.

Our event season has kicked off well, with our team welcoming many guests to the Domaine.

From social media influencers and journalists to close partners and distributors from Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, the Americas and other countries, who enjoyed the nature around the domaine and sunny visits to St Tropez. Originally a tiny fishing village, St Tropez became famous when it was the backdrop to the movie “And God created woman” starring Brigitte Bardot in 1956.

Thanks to glorious Provençal sunshine, we were able to capture some fantastic photos, which you will soon see in a few internationally renowned magazines and of course, in our social media accounts @MaisonMirabeau.

Our vines received their final pruning in preparation of bearing fruit. Fingers crossed that Mother Nature obliges, and without last year’s challenges, we hope to bring to you another gorgeous domaine rosé.

Santé and best wishes from Domaine Mirabeau!

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