Provence Pink + Sparkles = C’est La Folie!

We have long thought that the delicious Rosés from Provence would make a lovely and fun sparkling wine and I have to admit to the occasional experiment featuring a Soda Stream and a bottle of Classic, which to my astonishment wasn’t too bad at all.  But good bubbles are a serious matter and in 2017 we were delighted when, after years of pitching the idea, Waitrose asked us a for a first batch of Mirabeau Sparkling Wine.

We had some experience with both major methods of sparkling wine production, namely the Methode Traditionelle (like with Champagne the second fermentation takes place in the bottle) and Methode Charmat (like Prosecco, the second fermentation takes place in a larger tank).

We opted for Charmat, not only because it makes a very good product at an affordable price, but also because it is actually more authentic for Provence wines and plays to their strengths.  The aromatic base wines from this area quickly lose their fruit flavours as well as colour, and the Methode Traditionelle (>12 months) takes much more time than the Methode Charmat (about a month).

Our wines are quite delicately sparkling which helps to bring out flavours of the wines, while very vibrant sparklers have more CO2, which dulls their character.

Should you buy a bottle of La Folie you will find a gorgeous bottle of ballet-pink Provence rosé with a delicate effervescent sparkle. The nose offers up a fresh, soft scent of strawberry and raspberry with hints of gooseberry and blackcurrant. The mousse is mouth filling and fine. Flavours of red berries, grapefruit with a little spice and a lovely long finish. Delicious and refreshing, it’s relatively low in sugar, at a pleasant level between extra brut (very dry) and brut.

A perfect bottle for celebration, it’s also really nice as a dessert wine and it makes an elegant gift.  It’s well priced at £12.99 and Waitrose are offering 25% off this week if you buy 3 or more, which is a fantastic deal.  We’d love you to have a try soon and please let us know what you think!

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