Coming out of hibernation at Domaine Mirabeau

After the winter and holiday hibernation, life is coming back to Domaine Mirabeau. Our agriculture team is busy working on the vines:

  • The grafted Vermentino/Rolle vines have been pruned to conform to the common Provence vine shape
  • 4 hectares of our oldest vines, the Cinsault and 1,5 hectares of Grenache have also been cut back for restructuring
  • Last April the region was hit by a very late frost, destroying quite a lot of the newly sprouted vine buds, so our team has performed long pruning on the young Cinsault vines to protect them better against any frost.
  • An organic ointment has been applied to seal the cuts to protect the plants
  • The ointment is a mastic made of oil, pine resin, beeswax and 100% organic Norwegian tar

Agroforestry helps biodiversity

Since we are continuously pushing for Biodiversity and want to support the fight against climate change, we have planted a 100 trees on the domaine grounds, with a variety of Oaks, Cork Oaks, Chestnuts and Umbrella Pines.

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