A Pale Pink Star is born: Mirabeau Etoile

It’s now three years since we first made Pure, so high time we put our minds to making a new addition to the Mirabeau stable of Rosés.  We wanted a distinct personality for our new cuvée called Etoile – star in French- and also a classy look to accompany it. The brief to ourselves was to develop a grown up Rosé that would be highly aromatic, yet ultra pale, work very well with nice food and give the person drinking it a feeling of a little extra luxury.

The delectable blend tends towards orchard fruit, such as white peach and ripe apricot, with a slight hint of pineapple and a divine and tangy acidity giving it just the right edge of freshness.  It’s got very nice mouthfeel and the aromas are beautiful, long lasting and well balanced – everything you need to give an intense moment of pleasure for all the senses.

In terms of design we’ve gone with a small and elegant new bottle shape and a nearly square heavy paper label with a few stunning design touches. Our logo is embossed in a brand-new satin pink gold, the naive font of “Etoile” is in a glossy high rise varnish and all has been framed by a thick and tactile embossed border.  It’s all set off with a dark tin capsule in a classy warm grey that works perfectly.

The Cuvée is available in limited quantities from Sainsbury’s in the UK and some selected retailers and restaurants in the US, Germany and the Balearics.

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