The best Frosé recipe..Ever!

Frosé has been HUGE in the US and Australia already last season and it is about to make landfall in the bars and cool places of London and Europe.  Basically a frozen Rosé and red fruit slushy, it’s just perfect for a hot evening, with all the delicious Rosé aromatics and the fun of a Cocktail rolled into one.  Here is a simple but super tasty version absolutely anyone can make:

  • Clean a punnet (250g) of strawberries and freeze overnight (or buy frozen strawberries)
  • Take a bottle of Mirabeau Classic and freeze 3 hours before you plan to make your Frosé
  • Pour the Rosé into a blender
  • Add the frozen berries
  • Squeeze in half a lemon
  • Sweeten with sugar syrup to taste (I use between 80 and 100ml)
  • Blitz until really smooth

Serve immediately in a large glass and decorate with a sprig of mint and a Cocktail straw!

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