Rosé Leftover Series – Rosé Ice Cubes

In the unlikely event of leftover rosé in your fridge, we’ve got some great recipes to use it!

These rosé ice cubes are the perfect addition to a summer cocktail or a great way to upgrade your rosé spritz during a hot summer day without watering it down. They look so pretty too.


Edible Garnishes (citrus slices, rose buds, thyme, …)
Leftover Rosé Wine
25ml Mirabeau Dry Rosé Gin
15ml Simple Syrup
15ml Grapefruit Juice
15ml Lime Juice


  1. Prepare your ice cubes:
  2. Place your edible garnishes in an ice cube tray. Cover with leftover rosé wine. Freeze overnight.
  3. Prepare your cocktail:
    Fill a shaker with ice. Add the Mirabeau Dry Rosé Gin, simple syrup, grapefruit juice and lime juice. Shake well.
  4. Remove the ice cubes from the tray and carefully place them in a glass. They won’t be extremely solid because of the alcohol.
  5. Pour the cocktail over.

Enjoy and happy summer!

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