Rosé Cocktail Recipe: Cinnamon Royale with La Folie

Now who doesn’t love a great cocktail? Rosé lovers around the world are now enjoying the delicious pink stuff all year round, but wouldn’t it be great if there were more rosé cocktails… Well why not impress all your family and friends with this delicious and very Christmassy cocktail using Mirabeau’s La Folie bubbles to really celebrate in style. All the ingredients should be in your cupboard and it’s so easy to make you’ll be laughing all the way down the chimney!


  • 1 bottle Mirabeau La Folie sparkling rosé
  • Cinnamon Sugar Syrup
  • Frozen Berries (preferably blackberries or blackcurrants)


First of all, to make the cinnamon sugar syrup, simply add equal measures of sugar and hot water (e.g. 350ml of each but not boiling) into a pan and stir until all the sugar is dissolved. Add the cinnamon sticks and simmer gently for 10 minutes to give the infusion a good boost. Pour the liquid and cinnamon sticks into an empty bottle, and let it cool. The liquid will turn a lovely golden hue and smell like Christmas.

Next, take your berries out of the freezer and leave in a bowl to defrost while you find your champagne flutes.

Our Cinnamon Royales are built in the glass. Pour a generous dash (15ml or 1/2oz) of the cinnamon sugar syrup into the flute and top it up with Mirabeau La Folie sparkling rosé – easy! To garnish, spoon your blackberry or chosen berry with a little juice into the flute and let the fun begin.

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