Cod Fillet on Tomato, Basil and Olive Compote with Vegetables “en Papilliote”

Hurray at last summer’s here, and our diet naturally turns towards lighter dishes and we take advantage of the many healthy and colourful seasonal vegetables that grace our markets and supermarket shelves.  You do get good fresh fish here in Provence, but this is totally do-able with a frozen cod fillet as well.  The reduced tomatoes make a delicious natural sauce that will complement the fish fillet that I have just roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper.  This is a typical healthy and low fat Mediterranean dish that people in this area enjoy so often and that keeps them in good nick.

To serve 4 you will need:

  • 4 Fillets of Cod
  • 2 packs of good quality cherry tomatoes
  • a selection of seasonal vegetables (Carrots, Peppers, Green Beans, Courgette)
  • a bunch of basil
  • some de-stoned black olives

First get the oven going at 180 degrees Celsius.  Wash the tomatoes, dry them with kitchen roll, slice them in half and put them in a pan with plenty of olive oil. Fry them gently for about 20 minutes until they have reduced to a soft and sweet goo.  Add the olives and plenty of chopped basil and carry on simmering on a very low heat.

In the meantime wash your vegetables, slice them and wrap them up in a square of baking paper (one parcel for each person), seasoned with olive oil and salt.  Just make a simple parcel with the ends turned up and turn it over so it stays shut during baking. The beauty of the “papillote” is that the vegetables will gently steam in their own vapour in the oven and you get really nice flavours, and you keep a bit of crunch.   Place the parcels on a baking tray and put in the oven.

Make sure your cod is well drained, pat it dry with kitchen roll.  Place on a second baking tray, cover loosely with alu foil and put it in the oven alongside the vegetables.

Leave it all in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

Arrange the compote on a plate and place the cod on top, another glug of oil and salt and pepper won’t go amiss.  Place the parcel alongside and open it so the colourful contents are visible.

This is a perfect dish for a summer lunch and would be even better with a glass of Mirabeau Classic, which will work beautifully with the creamy sweetness and acidity of the tomatoes and the fresh vegetable flavours.

Bon appétit and enjoy the summer vibes from the Mirabeau kitchen!

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