The Great British Beach Clean with Team Mirabeau

Our UK team had a wonderful day giving back to our community this month joining The Great British Beach Clean campaign in Hove organised by the Marine Conservation Society. 

It was a bright and breezy start as volunteers from around the UK gathered to join the movement at their local seaside resorts. The Great British Beach Clean was a week-long citizen science event between Friday 17th – Sunday 26th September in which hundreds of beach cleans took place up and down the country.

Attracting volunteers nationwide the BBC team also joined us on the sunny Hove shores as our group kick-started the day, raising awareness for the Marine Conservation Society’s campaign on BBC News. We even managed to get a cheeky slice of the action live on the news channel!

On arrival each participant received a litter picker, a bag and a trusty clipboard. Every piece of litter found on the beach was then itemised and logged. This information was collated and used to feed into the International Coastal Clean-up (ICC) to build both a local and national picture of our waste issue on our British shores to help campaign for change. Our collective group of volunteers cleared 13.2kgs of litter off the beach in total over the space of just two hours. 

It was a fun yet eye-opening morning seeing first-hand a snap-shot of the un-recyclable waste that gathers on our local shores. The Great British Beach Clean has now finished but the campaign for change continues. With beautiful coastal resorts lining the UK why not head to your nearest seaside to join this great initiative to keep our beaches clean and beautiful for us all to enjoy! 

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