How to Style Our Limited Edition Twilly

Our Limited Edition Petit Dry Rosé Gin And Twilly Has Launched! 

In celebration of our new Petit Dry Rosé Gin we are delighted to present our latest gift set, the Limited Edition Petit Dry Rosé Gin & Twilly. In collaboration with award-winning franco-japanese artist, Tiffany Bouelle, our 20cl original dry rosé gin has been paired with a custom designed silk twilly inspired by the French Riviera. 

What is a ‘twilly’ you may ask? 

Fun and versatile the Twilly was founded in France in the late 1930s. Traditionally a long thin band of silk, the versatile ‘twilly’ is now a renowned, quintessentially French fashion accessory. 

How do you wear a ’twilly’?

Our gorgeous Mirabeau twilly can be styled in so many ways and to inspire you to find your signature style, take a look at our personalised styling guide below for some of our favourite ways to wear our twilly ready for that apertif with the girls or a casual stroll in the sun.

On Neck 

  • Ensure that your neck is clear of loose hair by timing in a hair band or bun
  • Wrap the twilly around the back of your neck, with the two ends meeting at the front
  • Tie a simple bow or loose knot and adjust to the side

On Arm 

  • Lay the twilly flat over your the top of your wrist
  • Wrap around your wrist once until the two ends meet the top of your wrist
  • Tie a simple bow / or loose knot

On Handbag 

  • Spread out your twilly on an even surface. Flatten to remove any wrinkles
  • Slide the twilly between the handle and the bag
  • Pull the fabric towards you to create a loop around the base of the handle 
  • Tie a simple bow around the handle

In Hair 

  • Tie your hair in a simple loose bun or ponytail using a minimal hair band
  • Wrap the twilly around the base of your ponytail or bun once or twice (depending on hair thickness) allowing enough to tie a bow
  • Tie a simple bow. For a side bow tie your bow loosely and gently twist into the desired position re-tightening when in place

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