New Vintage Launch, London Bridge

This time of year is always such an exciting one for us at Mirabeau and one that we look forward to all year as we release our new vintage of rosés. Early March is when our latest collection is ready to share with the world, after a year of work in the vineyards and winery.

To celebrate this moment we hosted our first new vintage tasting event last month to showcase our full portfolio or rosés and gin. On a sunny day in central London, the Mirabeau team gathered alongside Stephen to present the new range of wines to the UK’s leading wine critics and friends of the brand. It was a wonderful day with the wines tasting deliciously fresh, young and vibrant.

The tasting lasted all day, allowing us to share and appreciate the unique aspects of the new vintage as well as enjoy a Mirabeau moment with our guests.

As we look back on the vintage, 2021 was quite an unusual and challenging year for the Provence wine region. It was relatively pressurised due to frost, wildfires, lower supply levels and unprecedented world demand for the most premium wines. However, we worked hard to create our signature blends, and we were excited to finally present them to you.

While some wines are made to age and develop over time, most rosés are designed to be enjoyed young while they retain the best of their fresh fruit flavours and crisp acidity. Wine vintages may seem an arcane topic for the everyday wine drinker, but they can help rosé lovers to identify the newest wines to hit the shelves.

We were also delighted to offer our guests an opportunity to experience our Mirabeau Dry Rosé Gin with a unique showcase of our signature cocktail serves such as Riviera Spritz, Riviera G&T and Rosé Negroni.

The day was blessed with sunny weather, it was wonderful to see everyone taking advantage of the garden space to truly enjoy the rosé moment. We were delighted to welcome and re-connect with our customers and friends. We look forward to sharing a glass with many of you over the year to come!

Jeany’s Top Tips

  1. Whilst our 2020 vintage is still tasting great, look out for 2021 vintage rosé on the shelves if you’re seeking a fresh style
  2. Pair young rosés with food that will complement their character – from light dishes like from light dishes like spring green salads and grilled chicken with lemon, to flavourful Asian-inspired cuisine
  3. Serve young rosé at 8-10°C in a squeaky-clean wine glass to enjoy its beautiful colour and crisp character, while not losing fruit flavours
  4. For more structured, rich styles of rosé, look out for examples that have undergone barrel maturation, like our Maison Mirabeau La Réserve

Location: Ménier Lounge, London Bridge
Food: Pocket Rocket Food
Flowers: Blume
Glasses: Richard Brendon

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