Flutes à la Tapenade apero recipe

Honestly, is there anything better than having lunch with great friends, in the heart of a beautiful garden and with food that oozes the rich flavours of the south – and with a few bottles of rosé chilling in an ice bucket? Well, we were lucky enough to be invited to cook at friends’ beautiful Maison de Maître, a house which once belonged to a wealthy Cotignac villager and silk factory owner.

The maison is filled with original features and the gorgeous architecture of Provence, like beautiful patterned floor tiles, and has a stunning garden full of glorious flower scents, shady corners and a glistening turquoise pool ready to dip your feet in.

We invited a bunch of friends where we knew there’d be easy chat and a lot of laughter, which we find is the essence of our life here in Provence.

We just love to steal moments together, away from everyone’s busy lives, to take time to lean back, enjoy great flavours, good conversation and to remember that this is really all you need to be happy.

This was also a great opportunity to showcase Mirabeau with the rich aromas from our wonderful village markets and make the most of vegetables and fruit currently coming into season, while eating informally and without fuss.

We decided to make some homemade grissini breadsticks with green and black tapenade to give our guests something lovely to nibble on while they enjoyed their first cool glass of Rosé and went about exploring our friends’ beautiful gardens. It’s great to begin the meal with a home-made, crunchy appetizer that cannot be found in a supermarket and yet is so easy to make.

Only 2 ingredients, prepared and baked within 20 minutes, will get your guests to the table quickly and the conversation going. We hope you will be tempted to recreate the recipe you can find below. Please be out virtual guest, when we will continue to tell you the story of our lunch over the next few weeks, accompanied by a few more recipes we created to spend a wonderful day with friends.

–       2 rolls of (vegan) flaky pastry
–       150 g of black or green tapenade

Unroll the flaky pastry. Spread tapenade evenly onto the pastry, filling every corner of it. Then fold the pastry sheet in half so that the tapenade will be completely on the inside and carefully press the two layers of dough surrounding the tapenade filling together. Put everything back into the fridge for 15 minutes to rest and get firm.

Meanwhile line a baking tray with parchment paper before you take the pastry out again. Using a sharp knife, cut long pastry stripes of approximately 1 cm width each. Twist it carefully by holding on to one of the ends and then place on the baking try. Repeat until all the stripes are twisted. Bake at 180 °C (upper and lower heat) for 12 – 15 minutes until they are golden brown. Set aside to cool down. Get a glass of Rosé.

A bientôt et bon appétit!

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