Barbecued bistecca à la Susie

We recently visited my sister-in-law (Susie Willis) in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside and with a gaggle of kids as well as grandparents to feed, we were hunting around for a nutritious and easy to share dish for all of us. One much overlooked cut of meat is skirt steak, cooked correctly it has so much flavour and the added benefit of being half the price of fillet. So when we saw two huge slabs of it in our local Waitrose we knew we’d found the perfect dish for that evening’s family feast, served with a hot, poured over garlic, herb and lemon vinaigrette.

To serve 5 you need:

-1kg of skirt steak
-Olive Oil
-1 clove of garlic, chopped
-Basil, Oregano & Parsley (fresh if at all possible), chopped
-1 Lemon

Susies Beef Recipe

First I made the vinaigrette to go over the meat once finished, as once it comes of the barbie you don’t have much time to mess around. Use about half a cup of olive oil and gently fry the chopped garlic to flavour the oil. Set aside.

Prepare the meat by rubbing it with olive oil, salt and pepper. We made some simple new potatoes as a side dish, so cook those and have them ready to be served. Some green beans or roasted baby tomatoes would also be a nice addition.

Once all’s prepared chuck the meat on the barbecue and cook for about 5 minutes each side (or a bit more if you don’t want it too raw). Please don’t overcook this cut of meat, as it will turn into a shoe-sole, I guarantee it.

Whilst it’s on the grill, reheat the Olive Oil and add the chopped herbs, keep warm but don’t let it boil.

Once the steak comes off, find a chopping board and cut it into thin-ish slices. Transfer the meat to your serving plate (unless the board does the trick) and pour over the hot sauce, making sure all the bits of meat are nicely covered.

Sprinkle some more sea salt and squeeze a lemon over it all to finish off and decorate it with your roast baby tomatoes.  Get it on the table as quickly as possible as it does go cold.

This dish worked a treat, everyone loved it and yet it’s simple to prepare and doesn’t cost the earth.

Très bon.


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