Mirabeau hosts Boy Capel Classic Car Rally

What a delight welcoming these fabulous classic cars on the Cours Gambetta in Cotignac. Jeany had arranged the waypoint for the Boy Capel Classic Car Rally with a family friend who was organising the event. While participants were offered (small) wine tastings from our converted 2CV wine bar, alongside coffees and French patisseries, the main reason for the stopover was for everyone to drool over the cars and chat enthusiastically.

The Boy Capel Challenge is undertaken in honour of Boy Capel and his beliefs, like urging people to think and act against the interest of sovereigns, nationalists and the military for a peaceful union of states. The rally is organised in benefit of the charity that’s been set up to help young people understand the importance of human rights, as well as national, religious and racial harmony through the advancement of cross border education.

Hope you enjoy this video Marcel made of the lovely event featuring among others: Porsche 356, Jaguar E-type, Porsche 914, Cobra, Porsche 550 Spyder, Mercedes 280 SL, Citroën DS Cabrio, Aston Martin cabrio, Mercedes 300 SL, Ferrari 328 GTS, Daimler …

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