Royal Gazette on Sparkling Wine Sales

Sparkling wine sales expected to hit $51.7 billion in 2027

I know that some folks must consider sparkling wines to possibly not really be wine at all, hence the amusing question: “Would you like a glass of wine my dear? Or how about champagne?” As sparklers trap and store the natural carbon dioxide bubbles from fermentation they are almost more inclusive than still wines – in my mind at least.

Michael Robinson, Royal Gazette

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“In 2009, Jeany and Stephen Cronk left London for northern Provence and began making wine at Mirabeau. La Folie is made with the same method as prosecco and the Provençal influence dials up the delicate flavour. It boasts abundant hints of red berry fruits, fresh grapefruit, raspberry and pineapple through its delicate spritz. The grapes used for this sparkling rosé are syrah, colombard and grenache. If you are not among the many millions that have seen Stephen’s YouTube video on removing a cork with his shoe, you really should. It certainly helped launch his family winery.