Good Food Revolution: A tale of two lovely Provençal Rosés

This year it appears I am drinking more rosé than ever, and later into the year as well. With this in mind I’d like to present you two delightful rosés currently available in the LCBO and both from Mirabeau, the brainchild of Stephen Cronk, a lovely fellow I happened to interview just the other week. Trust me on this, these two wines are perfect autumnal sippers…

Jamie Drummond, Good Food Revolution

Mirabeau X Provence Rosé

There’s a very particular chiffon-like delicacy here that is often lacking in many of the rosés that we see on our shelves in Ontario. The bouquet is perhaps more ethereal than most, with almost-ripe red summer berry fruits (raspberry in particular), fragrant orchard blossom, and just a whiff of lemon zest.

Mirabeau Pure Provence Rosé

A year on from its original release there’s still a hell of a lot of freshness and vitality here. While lesser rosés would grow flabby and insipid like a lumpen, milquetoast middle-aged man, this still utterly delights. The tart red berry fruit profile has softened slightly, but this is now augmented by a seductive herbal note and a nuanced spice/smoke that really took this wine to the next level. There’s also a warm damson character emerging.

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