The Buyer: Wine in Cans Trend

Don’t waste the moment & the trend – stick better wine in cans!

Mike Turner, The Buyer

Wine in cans is becoming increasingly popular and could be a significant segment of the future wine market – both off-trade and on trade – so long as we don’t throw away the opportunity, argues Mike Turner. Overcoming prejudice amongst wine drinkers will not happen, though, unless we start putting better wine in cans and not just marketing it as ‘party wine’. Aside from listing companies that are starting to import quality canned wine, Turner looks at the benefits and pitfalls of cans as a format for selling wine in…

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Pret-a-porter rosé in a can - ready to go

“UK importers are also beginning to get involved. Bibendum Wine’s Mirabeau Pret-A-Porter offers an upmarket version of the previously mentioned party wines. This is a solid Provence rosé in a can and, with Bibendum’s reach, could really help to spread the word of wine in cans.”