CityAM: How Instagram is Changing the Way People Think About Wine (Trend)

Though a few of the old guard may prefer wine to remain solely in the cellar (preferably theirs) or the members club tasting room, savvy wine brands have been working with social media to expand their reach, diversify their client base and make the industry, essentially, more enjoyable. 

Libbie Brodie, CITY A.M.

“Instagram is the first thing most people look at these days, much more than browsing websites. We show how our brand looks and feels and give lots of added value to the visitor, such as recipe ideas, cocktails and information on visiting the region. We reach about 4m people a year through @maisonmirabeau, so it’s a great way for customers to interact with the brand.” Jeany Cronk, co-founder of Mirabeau.

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