Provence rosé: what’s next for the wine and 8 bottles to try

Provence is already known for its elegant, salmon-hued wines, but makers of Provençal rosé are continuing to push the style even further up into the fine wine echelons.

Helena Nicklin & IWSC Experts

“You have to hand it to Provence. Until very recently, it was hard for the average wine drinker to know whether their pink wine was sweet or dry, especially when it appeared in various shades from barely blush to near-neon red. While all these styles of rosé still exist, we now have a benchmark for high-quality, dry rosé that’s celebrated the world over, thanks to the work of the Provençal wine industry.”

Helena Nicklin and IWCS Experts compiled their list of Top 8 Provence Rosés and included Mirabeau Etoile and Mirabeau Classic. View the full article online or in .pdf format