New group promotes regenerative viticulture

A new foundation aimed at reversing climate change impacts in viticulture through regenerating soil ecosystems, encouraging biodiversity and promoting carbon sequestration has been launched. 

Rupert Joy, Decanter

Launched at London fine wine club 67 Pall Mall on 28 March, the Regenerative Viticulture Foundation (RVF) is the brainchild of Stephen Cronk, owner of Maison Mirabeau in Provence.

Cronk, who has seen extreme weather events ranging from exceptional frosts to the worst forest fires in living memory in the three years he has owned Mirabeau, feels that one of the most important ways we can fight climate change is through ‘unlearning’ current approaches to land stewardship.

‘This is a critical moment for the planet,’ he said. ‘We can’t carry on in the same old way. We need a paradigm shift in how we think.’

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