Pure Provence Rosé canettes

Wine journalist Pamela O’Neill got her hands on Mirabeau’s delightful pink canettes and shares her thoughts of the new trend: rosé wine in a can.

“But environmental correctness is not the sole factor responsible for the craft beer can craze.  It’s about the taste.  Better at preserving carbonation than bottles, cans also shield the liquid from harmful light and oxygen deterioration.  And new water-based polymer lining technology, replacing epoxy-based resins containing BPAs, protects the contents from metallic taste contamination while also protecting the consumer from toxins.

And let’s face it, cans were born for the road.  Not only lighter to tote and easily stocked in small places, they are welcome in spots where glass is a big no no – beach, poolside, golf course, ball park – and it’s a cinch to schlep home the empties.

Each stylish pink canette of Pure Provence (designed by Jeany) holds 250 ml or about 81/2 oz., tailor made for Goldilocks – small enough to chill in a jiffy and stay fresh to the last drop, yet a properly generous serving.”

Read the full article at https://www.provencewinezine.com/provence-in-a-can-pure-inspiration