Wines of Provence: Jeany Cronk

Vins de Provence include Jeany Cronk in their lineup of Wine Stars, “A round of applause for our next Wine Star! Introducing Jeany Cronk from Maison Mirabeau, AOP Cotes de Provence.” ⭐❤ @maisonmirabeau

What sources of inspiration do you draw from Provence?

Provence is a pure visual and emotional inspiration.  The varied landscapes, the freshness of the sea, the aromatic herbs in the hills, the cleansing mistral winds.  There is also the lovely social aspect of taking time to eat and drink together, without rush and often just around beautifully simple flavors.  

What are you trying to express through your wine?

These wines are meant to give you joy and let you relax into our way of slower living.  Our wines are always dry and incredibly fresh, but with ripe fruit aromas, so typical of the grape varieties of Provence.  Each of our cuvées has its own character and expresses different winemaking and terroir throughout this beautiful region.

How much of you is reflected in your wine? 

Our life slogan is ‘La vie est Belle” and we always find and want to share the beauty that is inherent in this area through our wines.  We believe that artful execution, inside and outside of the bottle, makes for a truly great experience and we always look for that in whatever we do.