Boozy Ice Lollies

“By some measure, humans have been trying to combine the magic of cocktails and ice lollies since time immemorial, but weirdly it has taken us to the late teens of the 21st century to perfect the product. Right now, there are a number of ready to err, lick, options available from the supermarket freezer aisle, but if you want to go one better, I’ve also included some of my favourite do-it-yourself recipes.” Winerist

Mirabeau frosé, 8% ABV, £2.99 each

Award-winning Provence rosé producer Mirabeau has brought the feel-good hit of Summer 2018 to a Waitrose near you. Mixing their classic Maison Mirabeau rosé with strawberry essence, these frosé ices will bring the South of France to you this summer. Available from selected Waitrose stores.

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