WineAnorak: The Taste of Pink

Mirabeau has grown a lot since its inception. When I visited Stephen and Jeany Cronk back in 2015 they had just two wines. Now they have grown into Maison Mirabeau, and are a pink drink company. In addition to a wide range of rosé wines, they’ve also added a Vermouth and a Gin. An amaro may be in the pipeline. Most of the rosés are from their Provence home, but for some of the more entry level products they’ve scooted over to the Languedoc. And they now have their own vineyard, from which they make the complex La Reserve, which is barrel-fermented.

Jamie Goode, WineAnorak

This is an impressive range of wines: I asked Stephen Cronk about the evolution of the range. What was the thinking about how it was developed? ‘When we started off, we were just focusing on making one wine,’ he said. ‘This was a classic Provence style. But as we got to know the area, we realised that Provence is a big wine region and has so many styles to offer. So we have done a bit of style creep.’ Their second wine was Pure. ‘This is a wine from higher altitude vineyards with more minerality,’ explains Stephen. ‘We also discovered that Grenache can lend itself to more stone fruit characteristics, so that’s what you get with Etoile.’

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