Welcome to PURE Mirabeau. Pure Provence. Pure Heaven.

Five years ago we sold our house in London and made our final plans to move to Provence. We had in our mind that one day we could do something very special in the wine world. We weren’t quite sure what or how, but we just felt it.


Last week we launched a new Rosé. We call it PURE Mirabeau, because it represents the essence of why we did what we did and it reflects the best wine Provence has to offer. Pure and simple.

Rosé has its birthplace in Provence and has been made here for over 2,600 years. Provence is also the only wine region on this planet that specialises in Rosé. So it’s not only the benchmark in the world of Rosé, its also a region full of amazing producers making stunning wines. We wanted PURE Mirabeau to, over time, establish itself as a benchmark within a benchmark. Which is why this, our first ever review for PURE is so touching.

We are only just beginning to build distribution for PURE. We have one customer in the Alps http://verregourmand.com/ and we are working hard to find other distributors. It may take some time, but if one day you can try this wine, we hope you think it’ll have been worth the wait.